Friday, 3 July 2009

The dying flowers - by Noriko Takaoka

Posted by Marcia

Today I’d like to write a little bit about our stay with Norika Takaoka a wonderful photographer based in Osaka, Japan. We were delighted to hear that we were going to stay with Noriko, a professional photographer. The purpose of our stay in Osaka was to photograph a number of people for our Hafu Japanese project. I think this is the perfect opportunity to introduce Noriko’s photography work.

Excerpt of Natalie’s words on Noriko’s project 『枯れて行くお花』LIFEシリーズ

“Noriko beautifully and poetically captures the gentle process of dying. (...) The beautifully composed shots of delicate flowers offer us a sense of real appreciation for the short lives we live. (…) Her observation of the beauty, colorfulness and strength of these flowers make the viewer feel very reflective about something we make so much for granted.”

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