Thursday, 7 January 2010

Film "Kiku and Isamu"

Posted by Marcia

"Kiku and Isamu", a Japanese film originally released in 1959 and re-marketed in 2003 as a DVD, depicts two mixed race Japanese children raised by their grandmother in a rural setting, Aizuwakamatsu in the 50s.

With the occasional stares and deragotary comments from strangers, the film explores the lives of two young "Black-Japanese" children raising issues of discrimination and presenting the debate of integration or separation.

While the film touches a difficult and personal topic of race, culture and identity, the portrayal of the mixed race characters is positive and forward-thinking. The viewers are left with a sense of joy and a visualisation of a challenging but bright future.

The film is available in Japan to buy (e.g. Amazon or to rent from limited DVD rental shops (e.g. Tsutaya in Shibuya, Tokyo).

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  1. Hey there,

    I'm not sure if you still update this blog, but I am hoping to cover the perks and issues of being a hafu living in a country completed unrelated to my cultural background. I'd be curious to see what other hafu (or I guess even third culture kids would apply) think of my experiences and whether you can relate to them.